Pixio Tech | iOS App Development
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iOS App Development

The expertise in creating a high-performance, feature-packed experiences on the iOS platform and a dedicated team of developers who constantly update the app for new features and bug removal makes Pixio Tech a trustworthy service.

Our iOS development team works to define your concept, wireframe, and design of the user interface to put on the storyboard and prototype of your app. Our developers are also crucial advisors to guide you through the process until your app is ready to appear of the App Store. We develop our client’s iOS application using the Model-View-Controller paradigm.

Model View Controller (MVC) breaks down the iOS app code into three core functions

  • User interface (view)
  • Data (model)
  • Communicative software (controller)

The MVC assigns specific objects to one of these three functions, which becomes the building block for the application. Each screen represents the view, a data model which controls the display content, and the controller which makes the app communicative. MVC is the most central pattern of designing an iOS application.

All the iOS applications are powered by event-driven programming. The tasks performed by an application is called an even in which the interaction takes place. The event is triggered by a user action, which sends a request to the back end, manipulates the app’s data, and sends the response back- just like your nervous system reacts to any external action.

The last step is to create the front-end and back-end of the application, which is done with the help of the latest tools. The application requires continuous testing and customer feedback after the launch for debugging and revising your application for improvisation.

Remember, the application is never perfect and can always use new upgrades, fixes, and maintenance to keep the cycle running. But, it can be the bests version of itself with advance tools and expertise of Pixio Tech.