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Mobile App

Why The Mobile App Development Industry Should Forget All About Android KitKat

In an industry with growing demands, it is quite common for manufacturers to come up with developments and advancements which might enhance user experience. But such constant developments also lead to some unforgettable situations. Well, the industry that we are talking about is the App development industry, and the blunder that we are talking about is Android KitKat. So, we are going to list some reasons as to why we believe that the mobile app development industry should forget all about Android Kitkat.



Notifications and alerts are some of the essential features in a smartphone which people need to be getting without any interruption. In this scenario, if you are using android KitKat, then you cannot view notifications when the screen is blocked, and once you’re on a call, you cannot access anything else. Yes, that’s right. If you are talking to someone and want to take a note of something, then you will have to find another software.


Material Design

Material Design

You might be aware of Material Design and its features because you have been using Android 5.0. KitKat does not offer anything new in this regard, and the user interface lacks some power to a large extent. Your system needs to be able to support your needs and requirements, so we suggest you move on from Android Kitkat.




The amount of time that KitKat takes to get used to the kind of applications that you use and install will directly involve a waste of money. There are chances where you can ignore the other reasons, but you cannot ignore money, as it happens on a regular basis and the costs might amount to a lot. Overtime the wait and frustration might lead to a lot of problems, and you might even get stressed.




There are individual workers at the workplace who slow down the entire process and brings down the concept of efficiency. In the same manner, android, 4.4 brings down efficiency on so many levels that it makes the whole industry look like a joke. As users have been complaining from time to time about the functionality of KitKat, you know how inefficient 4.4 is.




There are highly capable smartphones that lose touch the moment you install KitKat in them. Your ‘phone’s features need to be in line with the kind of software that it’s running on. In this case, KitKat should be the last option that you need to consider because you will be fed up with your entire phone within a week’s time. Due to all these reasons, we firmly believe that the industry should move on 4.4 and go ahead and build better applications that meet consumer demands.


Flutter or React Native?

Coming to conclusions between two things can be one of the hardest decisions that you need to make in life. Due to the advantages and disadvantages of both the products, you will be puzzled about the outcome of your decision. In this same manner, people are confused between Flutter and React Native. So to help you out, we are going to list down some of the significant differences between these two.

The Introduction

Although you might be aware of these two by now, nothing can be started without a proper introduction. So in that context, Flutter is a portable UI toolkit for making natively compiled apps across desktops and mobile. On the other hand, React Native can be classified as a framework for building native applications using React. Right from the introduction, both these products might seem appealing. Flutter, which was developed by Google, was launched in December 2018 and React Native by Facebook came out way back in March 2015.



The mode and type of functionality play an essential role in any software, as users will be looking forward to faster and easier solutions. At this pace, applications which take less time will be the ideal ones that people look forward too. So coming to the performance, users have rated both these applications to be great. Yes, that’s right. With both of them being available as a free and open-source application, there are not many instances where one can complain about.


When it comes to the programming language, people’s preferences take over than what the manufacturer puts forward. With Flutter offering Dart and React Native coming with JavaScript, one will choose based upon the one they are most comfortable with. But when it comes to mobility and experience, JavaScript takes centre stage, as it has been around for long when compared to Dart. The ease of using might be better with JavaScript, as they know how to handle things.

Popularity In Terms of Apps

Since both these products have been around, we can compare them in terms of the number of applications that uses the same technology. Xianyu app from Alibaba, Hamilton Musical, Google Ads App are some of the things that were created using Flutter. They are quite efficient in terms of performance and people have not made complaints yet. On the other side, we are sure that you know the applications that were created using the help of React Native. Instagram, Facebook, Skype and Facebook Ads are some of the top applications that were created using React Native. So, if we are going to debate about popularity, then we have a clear winner. So choosing between these softwares will be based on the kind of applications that you are using and their performance rating.

Explorer Apps

Top Android File Manager and File Explorer Apps Of 2018

Android has been creating waves since its inception, and people seem to be satisfied with what they experience, as constant updates keep popping up again and again. The android file manager is no exception in this regard, as you can do a lot of things with it. The features that it provides enhanced user experience and people keep wanting more. So, in this context, here are some of the best android file manager and explorer apps.

1. ASUS File Manager

People who use Zen smartphones are quite aware of ASUS file manager as it is an application that comes preinstalled on the device. The interface design is simple and easy to understand, with minimum ads appearing even if the application is free. If you ever accidentally delete files, then you can recover them through the recycle bin just like any other application. Private information can be kept safe, as you can hide them in the right places.

2. X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager

The X-plore File Manager takes user interface to the next level, as you can use two windows at the same time and access files and folders with ease. The application is available for free with some app-purchases, and you can enjoy ad-free surfing. Cloud storage, root support, app manager, network storage, pdf viewer are some of its additional features that people seem to be liking. It also provides additional support for Web storage and LAN.

3. ASTRO File Manager

Astro File Manager is another gem of a product which lets you store and organize files between internal memory, memory card, and cloud networks. The interface is simple to understand and is sure to enhance user experience to another level. The in-built download manager helps you download large files anywhere and everywhere, keeping the tone of user maintenance intact. It can also compress and extract files in an instant between cloud storage and has other features.

4. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager

There are a lot of file manager applications that android boots and the ES File Explorer is worthy of your time. Apart from the usual features such as copy/paste, delete, cut, add folders and files, it also boasts of some interesting ones that you might not find on other file managers.  Keep in mind that modifying files in place may result in irreparable harm to the computer. It is best to seek help of a tech support company if things start to go sideways for you. The app manager lets you backup or uninstall any app that you do not prefer at the moment. If dressing is on your mind, then you can also customize the themes and colour, giving it a twist of your own. But there might be instances where you might be fed up with the constant advertisements, so you need to adjust such things in the settings before you can begin to use them.

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