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What is MobileStudio

MobileStudio is a file manager, viewer, and editor that shares files directly with your full-size computer.

You can transfer files from your computer, carry them around with you, and access them from any computer with a web browser!

MobileStudio is also a productivity application, and can be used to create, modify, and organize files just like you would on a laptop or desktop.

MobileStudio features:

* Intuitive file browser

* File transfers to and from a Mac or PC

* Compatible with Mac OS X™ 10.4,.5,.6

* Compatible with Windows XP™, Vista™,7

* Compatible with all flavors of Linux™

* Standard file operations

* Text file creation and editing

* Image file viewing

* Sound file playback

* Movie file playback

* PDF viewer

* Web viewer

* Zip archive compression

* MS Office™ and iWork™ documents

More Always Coming

MobileStudio is always under development. We will continue to improve and add features to MobileStudio until it does everything you want it to do with your files. Custom viewers and editors for images, sound, video, and documents are in development. See our FAQ.

What Happened to MobileFinder

Apple Inc. concluded that MobileFinder infringed on their Finder™ program’s trademark. They respectfully asked Pixio to change the name of MobileFinder, and we complied with their request.

Why MobileStudio

The iPhone™ was built on the same operating system software that runs today’s powerful Apple™ computers, Mac OS X™. Because it has this solid and full-featured UNIX™ core, the iPhone™ can do almost anything a full size computer can do. MobileStudio unleashes this power to allow you to create, modify, store, and distribute files on the run, no laptop required!

How Do File Transfers Work

The file transfer mechanism in MobileStudio is based on a time-tested file transfer system called FTP. There are FTP clients available for nearly every computer and operating system in use today. If you are on a Mac, use Cyberduck. If you are using Windows, WinSCP works very well. FileZilla is also a very nice client that is available for both PC and Mac. Every modern web browser also supports FTP. For maximum compatibility, MobileStudio reports what address to use to connect to it from any device on the WiFi network. All you need to do is type the link it reports into any web browser and get read-only access your files. No software required! Your files available everywhere!


Remember: Backup your data before updating! Also, if you would like the update to proceed quickly, copy any large files onto your computer and delete them from MobileStudio (including emptying the trash) before updating.

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